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Hello Reince, congratulations on a great and fantastic job done in Cleveland. Now we have to win this November and get every American, which by the way ends with I CAN, convinced the we together are able to make America great again. I like to discuss with you my system to communicate with 100 or more million Americans on a weekly basis, send short statements, receive their messages, build teams, come up with solutions and win the presidency with more then 60 % of all voting Americans. Thanks for your consideration to communicate with me, Helmut.

7/22/2016 7:45:03 PM

I have talked to several conservatives this week who are +60. We're concerned. After the debate, we all feel that there are two lousy choices. Trump could be a great choice if he could demonstrate that he can relate to the average American. Can Donald and the Republicans WAKE UP and start: 1. Speak on the debates like you're talking to a 3rd grader Take it down to the average American sitting in their home watching the debate and TELL them how CHANGE will benefit them and affect them At the grocery, pharmacy, at Target and Costco. How it will effect their job or even getting a job. 2. Lay out how 4-5% growth will help them and how we've had 1% growth for eight years and how we will be heading for more of this. 3. Quit talking on the national and global level. Make it personal where people relate 4. Don't say "I" again. Say "we" can do this. 5. Bridge. When asked about Hillary's trap stuff, go to how eight years of what we have had has kept people in their same situation.compare their savings today to eight years ago.compare their salary (if they even have a job) to8 years ago. How far does their dollar go at the grocery, car repair, health insurance, doctor and dentist visits, vet visit, etc. 6. Tell Hispanics and Blacks how he loves people and our country and how Hillary just uses that segment to win elections for power and for Bill and Hillary's benefit. 7. Lay out clearly how he will make police training and actions accountable and fair. 8. Go ahead and list the top 5-6 cabinet members and advisors he plans to use. Just dumb it down and make it simple. Don't get caught up in Ms Universe, taxes, emails, and character. Just talk about how things will be better with their pocket books, safer at home and in the world, how they will have a job, and their pay will go up Okay? If we do not, the RNC and Donald are going to blow this election that can be easily won.

9/30/2016 8:18:15 PM

Hello, Reince. We have an urgent message to pass onto Donald Trump. We will attempt to get this to him through others, as well, however this election is vital. Please give him our ideas for the next debate. We wish to share two thoughts, although we have many. The word "slick" should be used to describe HRC and the media's collusion. "Slick" should be used to describe Hillary's foundation, fraud, lies. Trump's recent Tweet at three am should be handled as follows: "Yes, sometimes I am awakened in the middle of the night over concerns I have had in my past. How should I have handled that differently? What should I have said differently? Like all Americans out there, I rethink and rehash. It's a human trait and a sign of having a conscience. " At this point he should turn to Hillary and ask on behalf of all Americans if she has ever thought about those four lives lost in Bengazi. Does she ever regret having not given Stevens the support he requested? Does she ever wish she had leveled with the families of those men and told them the truth, as she had confessed to Chelsea immediately following the attack?.

10/1/2016 7:35:03 PM

I have been a "loyal" Republican ALL of my adult life (62 yrs YOUNG), but this is the FIRST year I decided NOT to vote Rep. WHY? DONALD TRUMP For GOD sake, get RID of that idiot - he is RUINING the party and everything it has ever stood for I just received a "survey" from your offices, and I gave some VERy frank answers to every question on it. READ IT, Mr. Priebus. You, and the rest of the RNC should be ASHAMED to allow this NUT JOB to continue as the party candicate. By the way, I voted LIBERATARIAN (ALSO Republicans, but with some COMMON SENSE).

10/2/2016 10:11:04 PM

Mr. Trump's "Handlers" need to get a better GRIP on him, his cell phone and his mouth During the debates, he was 1)RUDE - interrupted Ms. Clinton during HER time, while she was respectful and did NOT interrupt HIM during his time; 2) He needs to release his taxes - personally, I feel he is hiding something, and it may even be more than whatever is in those thousands of emails he keeps referring to on Hillary; 3) MOCKING someone who was ill, albeit her campaign should have disclosed that earlier vs three days late, is in my opinion, LOW. It scares me to death that this idiot could have his hand on the phone that launches nuclear weapons. I agree we have a problem with illegal immigrants/aliens into our borders, but putting up a wall? Seriously? That's NOT how we try and work things out with our neighbors. I am also in the 60+ group, and have NEVER seen a candidate with so many temperament issues as Trump appears to have. And now I hear he has hired a new Debate Coach, from England, who is going to coach him on being better? This "coach" has issues of his own - look it up. Was in news yesterday. And, where was his youngest son at the debate? All of the other Trump kids from all his previous marriages were there, but BARON was not Is Trump scared his youngest son "might" find out Daddy is a little CROOKED?.

10/2/2016 10:19:46 PM

DEAR MR PRIEBUS, I feel the RNC should be getting involved in the next Hillary/Trump debate as the two commentators are extremely liberal. They need to add than two conservative commentators so the questioning will be fair and balanced. They need to focus on more pertinent issues regarding "Our Country" Not personal attacks on Trump and the commentators constantly interrupting Mr Trump as well as giving Hillary more airtime The Republican Party should not tolerate this Cordially, Marianne and David Cohen.

10/4/2016 11:43:36 PM

I am truly getting discussed with the RNC. Ok, so Donald Trump said some things about women in 2005 and now he is told by Paul Ryan not to come to WI. To a rally. Really. Wake up and see what the dems are doing again Bill Clinton was raping women and having sex in the White House and Hillary smeared every one of them. What you need to do is get to the issues. The RNC always lets this happen. Well guess what, Hillary will be our next president when the house speaker acts like he's acting. Sometimes I think you all want her to win, because you certainly help her and never say what needs to be said.

10/8/2016 9:10:05 AM

We need to defeat HRC You are falling into Hillary and the Democrat trap. No one has drawn the crowds of everyday citizens than Donald Trump. As for the 2005 comments no comparison to what Bubba has done to women and minor girls all of his public life. Also what his conquest had to endure from HRC and her thugs. Tell Paul Ryan to get over it. Ask him what he and his Elite buddies have done for our country for past seven years to STOP Obama and Valerie Jarrett from bypassing Congress and putting America almost in financial ruin, not standing up for Americans and allowing him to treat congress and the senate with such disrespect. If he will not respect our choice and stand up for saving America. Let Paul and his cronie cowards Go Home.

10/8/2016 10:50:56 AM

I realize Donald Trump has a lot of baggage, but he has no more than Hillary Clinton. She just has what seems to be millions of minions looking for Trumps's baggage. We republicans have to stick together for the betterment of our country. We can not roll over and give the presidency to that nasty criminal, Clinton. Do not pull funding from Trump as we need to keep the Supreme Court nominations in mind. Hell, I know I do not need to tell you what is at stake. Clinton has already said she will use Executive Power. How scary is that? Please do not pull funding from Trump. You have done a great job calling him on his crap will staying supportive, please keep it up. Sincerely, Cynthia Kendall .

10/9/2016 6:10:06 PM

I pray you stand up and get behind Trump. As Christians we grow. We repent and are forgiven. This happened 11 years ago. Trump is America's choice. You need to speak today before the debate or step down. The money given to congressional runners in this race that speak against him are not true to our party. We've tried it the traditional way and loss twice. They should have money from their campaign by the party taken away and given to Trump. Hillary has a foundation that took funds for helping Haiti in 2010. There is no evidence she helped the poor. Now we have 900 people dead from a hurricane. That's a story if you really want Clinton to lose. I voted for Rubio in the primary, but I stood with Trump as soon as he won. Don't let anyone in the party forget that we forgive and it's from 11 years ago.

10/9/2016 6:20:12 PM

Subject: WHAT ARE MY CHOICES? The Democrats support their candidates no matter how many warts or scandals, but with the first wart the Republican establishment deserts its candidate chosen-by-the-voters and runs to hide in the deepest hole it can find. The result is the Democrats win and the country gets another disastrous leader and suffers badly. WHAT ARE MY CHOICES?   The folks speaking out against Trump are helping me make up my mind a little more every day Is he the Perfect Candidate whose thoughts mirrors mine on all fronts?  NOPE   Does he say everything the way I wish he would say it?  NOPE   Am I absolutely sure that his motives are absolutely Pure?  NOPE   Can I point to any other Dem Politician that I like better?  NOPE   Is there any of the other RINO Politicians I like better?  NOPE   Am I going to sit home, refuse to Vote, and let Hillary win because he is NOT Perfect?  NOPE   Do I like what I have seen for the last 7-1/2 years ?  NOPE   Do I like the "fundamental changes" that Obama has brought about in MY America?  NOPE   OK, your turn to decide what you are going to do in about two months   Trump's presidential qualifications…   Obama is against Trump. Check   The Media are against Trump. Check   The establishment Democrats are against Trump. Check   The establishment Republicans are against Trump. Check  The UN is against Trump. Check   The EU is against Trump. Check   China is against Trump. Check   Mexico is against Trump. Check   Soros is against Trump. Check   Black Lives Matter is against Trump. Check   Move On is against Trump. Check   Koch Brothers are against Trump. Check   Bushes are against Trump. Check.

10/9/2016 11:00:57 PM

I feel like I am living in the final days of Rome. Never before have so many honorable people within the RNC chosen a dishonorable path. Shame on you for pulling your support for the people's choice Republican Nominated Candidate for President of the USA. How can you possibly expect the American people to support an organization that turns on their own in the final days what could possibly be the most significant election in the history of this country. I have voted in every election since turning 21. Your actions today guarantees that I will stay home on election day. Sorry guys, no support for any future Republican until you guys start listening to the people. Randy Russell .

10/10/2016 9:12:19 PM

As one who has contributed to RNC candidates over the last ten years, I have reached a level of disappointment and disgust that words cannot describe. Although I find elements of D. Trump’s candidacy problematic, I have set my objections aside for the greater good, i. E. Foreign policy and border improvements, tax and fiscal reform and prudent supreme court appointments. Unfortunately many GOP elected officials and leaders seem to have made the choice to advance their narrow self interests to the detriment of the electorate. While the Democratic party seems to coalesce, regardless of the foibles of its presidential nominee, the Republican party has fractured to the extent that the election of its presidential nominee now appears impossible. Based on your actions, collaboration and commitment and teamwork seem to have little if any value, and you have ceded your opportunity to lead the country to those who embrace Alinsky principles. So congratulations to Romney, McCain and all of the republicans who abandoned their nominee publicly and prominently, presumably to preserve their self interests and to bolster Hillary Clinton’s election. No wonder the Democrats continue to kick your collective posteriors; even when you have a far superior platform and initial strategy. Hopefully you will all take pride in your contributions to the socialization of the United States, a once great country sabotaged by its own feckless leaders. Accordingly I will elect to no longer support the NRSC, the NRCC or any Republican candidates for office. Please discontinue your direct mail, calls and other solicitations. They will remain unopened or unanswered and electronic communications will cease as quickly as I can remove my email address from your mailing lists. May you enjoy the fruits of the debacle you have foisted upon the American public. Another disgusted American voter M E Bannister .

10/10/2016 9:17:38 PM

Mr Priebus, i have voted republican and ONLY republican since Ronald Reagan's first election. I WILL NEVER vote for a republican again, be it national, state, or local, no matter who they are. I'm sure you do not give a flip why, but here goes. seven years and nine months of dog and pony shows, big talk and no follow through, control of BOTH houses of congress and the WORST president in history is given free reign to completely destroy this once great nation. Now we are in a close election and that same party will not support the winner of their primary, it seems to me like an endorsement of the opponent. I watched you on the Sunday morning talk shows whining and sniveling when Trump was contemplating backing away from his pledge to support the nominee, but have not seen a single statement from you admonishing any of the republican's backing away from Trump or actively supporting Clinton. The ENTIRE party needs to get it together or the tombstone will read: RIP USA JULY four 1776-JANUARY 17 2017* *This message was brought to you by the Republican National Commitee.

10/10/2016 10:57:13 PM

I was shocked and appalled when I saw the Post’s article and video of Donald Trump’s “…extremely lewd conversation. …” When I saw conservatives pulling support, I was expecting to hear Donald and buddies threatening to gang rape Mother Teresa. I at least expected to hear the “C” word. This is party-line, pro-women rhetoric. Our party accomplished NOTHING to stop the violations against women victimized by abortion, pornography, drugs and now human trafficking. You have not spoken out like this in response to boys in the girls bathrooms and the sure future backlash against gay people because of it. There was no Twitter backlash like this with the Iran deal. You did hiccough with Planned Parenthood. Thank you very much; I’m sure it was their allotted tax dollars that gave you the tickle. Shame on you all. It is clear that you care nothing at all for women. Do something about obscenity laws and the FCC if you really care about the degradation of women, not a middle aged man swapping lies with his buddy on a bus. The shame and disgrace you have brought to all of us, back at you. You CLEARLY show your disdain to be against the upsetting of the politically elite apple-cart in your castigation of Trump. You clearly show your political careers to be in the balance with the election of Trump. Do what you can to support the choice of the people. How dare YOU choose to bring Hillary into the Whitehouse over the choice of the American people. That in itself shows you to be palm greasers, however much I hope beyond hope that I am wrong. You’re pulling your vote from Trump? Does that scare me? No. Does it make me rethink my party affiliation? Yes. It is time for you to get on your microphones and apologize to us. Apologize for going against your word to support the winner of the nomination. Apologize for humiliating us and dismissing us as know-nothing peasants. Unite the party, and maybe you will unite the nation.

10/10/2016 11:56:01 PM

I am disgusted by the actions of the members of this Republican Party. Who exactly do they think they are? Do they think that they are a step above the American people that voted them into office? Well they all suck. We voted Trump in as our candidate and how dare they not back him. I will be voting for Trump. I am an educated white suburban female. If they cry babies of the Republican Party do not start to back Trump, I will not vote for a single senator or congressman in the Party. My only vote will go to Trump. If by chance he loses, it will be because of the idiots we have in The GOP right now. I will then never again vote Republican.

10/12/2016 8:17:10 AM

Could you suggest Donald Trump to offer opening "VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS" in the inner cities. Is the only way out for the High Schools dropouts and the ones that can not afford to go to a University, you can not get a decent job if you you do not have a trade or some kind of skill they need that to move into the middle class. That would get him the votes he needs to win from Afro Americans and Latinos. It is a noble cause for these forgotten segment of the population they are in Limbo. Each vote counts as two, one for him and one less for Clinton, .

10/12/2016 12:58:33 PM

Reince - I'm An American humbly asking you to stop this foolish nonsense with your candidate, and put the COUNTRY above your party. Did you not learn as a child that "winning is not everything" ? Clearly Donald hasn't learned this, but I do not expect much from a man-baby that talks the way he does at 59 years old and then passes it off as "locker room talk" when it didn't happen in a locker room. At what cost are you willing to go to to win the office of presidency? The irony is that even if Trump won, WE would all lose. The COUNTRY would lose. This is completely off the rails and it is NOT the Clinton's fault. As a public figure and pseudo-celebrity, your candidate has decades of embarrassing material out there sitting in TV and radio archives all over the world. As these things come to light, he treats each one as a personal attack from the Clinton's. The Clintons have NOTHING to do with the things he has said publicly over the years, and yet he vows to punish them each time something HE said and HE is responsible for comes out? That is not just wrong, it's shameful, and our democracy deserves better. The country deserves better. You guys like to boast about being the party of Lincoln… well what do you think Lincoln would say about all this? You cannot honestly believe that he would be backing Trump in this election. You seriously need to look at the damage this is doing, not just to your party, but to the democratic process and to the country over all. Show some damn spine and get off the Trump train, which is going completely down the toilet. You helped create this monster and now you need to take responsibility for it and help dismantle it before he takes the entire country down with him. Even if he loses, you know he is not going to go quietly. Is this really the country you want to live in? Is this really the way you want to make your living working in politics? GET CONTROL OF YOUR PARTY NOW, AND REJECT THIS CLOWN FASCIST THAT HAS HIJACKED IT.

10/13/2016 6:02:14 AM

What are you going to do to stop the bleeding of the Republican party? There are very few days left until the election and everyday the bias media, the Democrats and a lot of Republicans are doing everything they can to demean and lose this election. Somebody has got to have the guts to say what needs to be said, especially to Paul Ryan and his merry band of goofs/goons. This election is a matter of life and death (for the U. S.) and if anybody disagrees with this statement they are naive and totally blinded. Please do something today. TODAY.

10/13/2016 6:29:10 PM

Mr. Priebus, Please, I beg of you, stop the Republican Party nonsense and get the republican politicians in order. First, I must commend you for not wavering in your support of Mr. Trump. Every so-called republican that does not endorse and support Trump is actually supporting Hillary. As stated by Ted Cruz, the alternative to Trump is so much worse. I pledge to you and ALL Republican politicians, if Trump loses due to the current party internal bickering and gamesmanship, I will NEVER vote republican again. I will vote independent or not vote at all. The "working" middle class American has had to pick the "lessor of two evils" in every presidential election since Ronald Reagan. I somewhat sympathize with the republican politicians, but now they know how the general public has felt for a long time. The non-Trump supporters are just democrats masquerading as republicans: unfortunately the good republicans will lose my vote due to the bad. Why are republicans giving the election to the corrupt, vicious, liar - That is not in America's best interest Please help stop the party nonsense.

10/13/2016 11:27:48 PM